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Pagan's story

The house of Pagan was founded in 2002 by François Pila. It has been run since September 2019 by Agnès and Laurent Mengin.
Passionate about decoration for many years, the couple has made their career in the communication sector.
Laurent is a former advertising executive and Agnès a former print shop manager.
Since 2014, both have embarked on the adventure of decorating, including creating the Nubo brand of pool and deck cushions.
The Pagan company is based in Isère, near Grenoble for the head office and administration as well as the storage warehouse.


Head office :
601, rue Aldo Eriani
38430 Moirans – France

Sales administration :
06 80 03 67 40

Commercial :
06 59 73 25 14

Activity Area : Les Ayes
38650 St-Michel-les-Portes – France

The world of rattan and vegetable fibre

The history of Pagan is closely linked to the world of rattan and plant fibres.
For 18 years, Pagan has been creating and producing decorative items from Myanmar (formerly Burma).
There we found golden hands, which meticulously weave and shape the objects imagined by the brand.

Pagan is a range of objects designed to embellish every room in the house: in the bathroom around the basins or as side furniture, in the kitchen near the worktop, on the table to treat guests, in the bedroom and in the dressing room to tidy up in all elegance.

Our know-how is directly associated with that of Burmese craftsmen, with whom we have built up ethical and fair relationships. Thus we are committed to maintaining a high level of standards that rattan lovers will recognise at first glance.
We focus our energy on offering our customers a quality, personalised and responsive service.

The brand’s 20th anniversary is not far off. We will work with enthusiasm and passion to continue the Pagan story, between the classicism of an iconic object and the trends of a constantly changing world.
Surprising and reassuring, that is our challenge for the years to come.

Handmade with passion
in Myanmar

Kitchen to Table

Around the sinks


Rattan and Wicker authentic products

Our artisanal know-how



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